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Stafford weekend Yay!

Being really tired this week reminded me that it was time to go to mum and dads!

I was literally too tired to come on Friday night. I had organised a lift for the boys to the Mix, and they were getting a bus back. So Lee, Ruby and I went for a quick walk around Reynolds Park to energise us a bit. Then I had a big pile of washing to sort. 

So Lee and I had a perfectly average breakfast at a wetherspoons and then I went to stafford. 

Mum and I had a cuppa in  the Soup Kitchen .

We bought cards for Sue and came home, had a friendly discussion about Brexit, i had a nap and watched a bit of The Border, then dad watched some cricket and footie while we did our knitting and crochet, and asked each other some quiz questions.

The Sunday we walked to Hobbycraft, and watched “left behind” the secular version with Nicolas Cage, and I slept a lot! I really needed it.

WordPress says I do not have permission to upload pictures on here! Which is very annoying.  Imagine some turquoise and coral circles.

Today I came back in the morning, Ruby has been doing the washing. I went for a chat with Penny. K came and I thought it was the boys maths lesson but evidently not. 

I have been trying to insert a plain tube into Lola’s septum piercing hole ! Urgh!


Graduation ceremony 

Emilia had one hour to spare at 9am, so I went round. It turned out to be her graduation ceremony for her 1-year Access course in Engineering. So I went along! 

Emilia, left, being congratulated. 

She’s 6 months pregnant but looks much further along as she’s such a diminutive person. I’m very proud of her for persevering and achieving this in difficult circumstances. 

I hadn’t given it much thought, but the whole point of Access courses is that it’s for people who weren’t able to do a-levels for whatever reason, and when introducing the groups, the tutors kept mentioning the way the students had had and overcome many hurdles and disasters during the year’s course.

Afterwards we had lunch in the Catholic cathedral, as it was close by and it has a fabulous salad bar. Then we came down to Fruit And Fibres for a coffee. 

And it’s lovely and peaceful in here so I’m putting an edge on this blanket. 

Ruby’s 2nd appointment. Talent Match. 

I wrote a short profile of Ruby – character, interests, and communication hints. Then handed it to R’s mentor and left them to it. Then I prayed! As it didn’t go very well last time. 

After 45 mins she came out. She has a course to go on at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral called Volition Project. It’s 10 weeks at 2 or 3 days a week. Starting 21st July.  

If you Google “volition project liverpool” you will find a page about it on the cathedral’s website. It’s a mixture of volunteering, training in employability and such. 


Then I took my 2 girls to the Old Hardware Shop for lunch.

Lola and I made a oreo Cheesecake. 

Thankful for my friends 

I  wouldn’t be surprised if the above happens one day when I’m with my lovely Samantha! She has been a massive blessing to me, the Lord got us together when we were both experiencing different heartache and loss. We have got crochet, cakes, and an exhausting yet much beloved son in common! Thank you Lord for Samantha and thank you Samantha! 😚

Last night at house group we heard from A, who had attended the meeting in Liverpool on Monday morning, hosted by someone from the church in Reading where revival has broken out. It was encouraging news! Let us pray to be part of what God is doing now in Britain! 🤓

Afterwards a young couple stayed behind as they felt an urge to pray for me. I am so loved. 💖🕎👸💟👑

Quite a grey day

Heavy rain. Jojo and I went to Belle Vale first thing to pick up his new ps4 star wars game. 

Then Bibi came round for a cuppa – she’s never been to our house before. She looked in the attic and she’s itching to help throw everything out! When she arrived i was loading the dishwasher, I turned a glass upside down and showered her foot in cold water!!

Then it was tennis, thankfully the rain eased off a bit .or was lovely to see Carol, it’s been about a month.  I have been on 6 buses today full of damp warm people! That’s more than enough. After tennis Jojo went to C’s and Fred stayed behind with K and T.  Lola and I had a drink together and then she was heading to town to meet a friend. 

Moreton friends visit 

Hullo. Ruby had Princes Trust today, and the other 3 went on the train to Moreton with me to visit a lovely christian home education family. A and M . And their 7 kids! 

This a pic of the shore, but we didn’t go there today. It was raining heavily so we stayed in! We had a lovely chat about everything- it’s been about a year. Their boy who is similar to Fred, is doing the course I would like him to go on at Hugh Baird , and is doing well.

We had homemade Cheesecake. Yum!

The kids all mixed well, though initially only thru minecraft on their phones and ipads! After a while they were talking well though. They have made fab improvements to their garden and they have lots of guinea pigs. 

It was just super fellowship with a lovely bunch. Hooray!

Cute bungalow adventure


Today Ruby, Fred and I went to that cafe. We had a nice lunch, then we were waiting in the sun at the bus stop to come home. I glanced across at the cute bungalow and it’s resident was just falling over!!
I ran across, got her in the house and called 999 cos bright red blood was dripping out of her head.
The emergency services person asked all kinds of questions and it became clear that the v. elderly lady was not seriously damaged.
We had a cuppa while waiting 20 mins for a return call. She told me a bit about her life. She is extremely independent and active. The house was absolutely spotless and the garden was RHS  quality!
Then thankfully her neighbour came home so I left.


Cheddar and his half-brother from next door. They’re pretty similar.  Hopefully I was feeding Cheddar!


Such a cute home, I’ve often wanted to look inside. Now I have!!

Also today I had the initial phone assessment for therapy. They said I’m entitled to 6 sessions of CBT and the waiting list is 27 weeks! Hopefully I’ll be healed and I won’t need it by then!

And John from church came round to look at the kitchen electrics, but said I deffo need a professional electrician.  So I just got one round and he quoted me £410. He is booked in for 13th July. Yay! Imagine a kitchen with electricity!

Also Emilia passed her maths, just need to hear about physics now. Yay!

He Knows.


Hello. Yesterday I was a bit stressed with all the politics hatred, so I took Facebook off my phone, read the Bible, had a nap and did some crochet. Much better. I watched my episode of Dicte. Excellent. Also we watched the first episode of new Polish drama The Border.  The boys enjoyed it with me.


Today we had a brilliant sermon about Manasseh and Ephraim, something about forget the past, move on and heaped up blessings.  I took notes as usual to help me listen, but I really need to reread these cos there was so much in it relating to my employment and marriage.
Then to Dobbies for lunch with my lovely Cathy. It’s been a month so as you can imagine, non stop talking!
The prayer meeting at 5 was all about Brexit.  We listened to 2 topical prophecies and prayed a lot about all aspects of the situation.  Then I asked them to pray for my feet and jaw, and my upcoming 6 therapy sessions.  I didn’t say what they were for. Just that I’d been praying for ages to be able to  let something go and move on. And the Lord can use this to wipe away the problem.

After, John came up and said, when we were praying, I heard, “rejection from long, long ago.” And I said Absolutely! That’s what the therapy is for! I’ve been praying for ages to let go, move on.

So it’s just a little confirmation of the Lord’s loving care and interest in the tiniest details of my life! What a wonderful God.

Then I stayed behind for a cuppa, then got a lift to Emilia’s.
She has her last! LAST! 2 exams tomorrow. Thankfully!!!!!!!!!
Olivia was leaving as I was entering- she’s old enough to join Anthony and Elaine’s teen group now! And Emilia was napping so I had a nice chat with Joe. Then we had tea and talk, I put Olivia to bed, and I prayed for Emilia’s hands- she has numbness due to the pregnancy, not good for someone writing complicated maths and physics exams!
She is not in very good physical condition, I’m glad the course will be over so hopefully she can look after herself a bit. I love those guys!